International Student Welcome Day, 15 September 2021 at 2 pm

Dear student,

It is our pleasure to warmly welcome you to the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia's oldest and finest university, with an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

On Wednesday, 15 September 2021 at 2 pm CEST, we will organise a special online INTERNATIONAL STUDENT WELCOME DAY.

The event will provide an opportunity to obtain useful first-hand information about studying at the University of Ljubljana and living in Ljubljana. You will receive information regarding the arrangement of health insurance, registration of residence permits, accommodation, scholarship opportunities, subsidised meals, local transport, Year Plus, the University of Ljubljana Career Centres, tutoring, extracurricular and other activities.

Presentations will be held in English. Please find enclosed the event schedule. If you wish to attend the online event, please register by completing this form. We will accept registrations until all places are taken or until 13 September 2021. We will send you a link to follow the event to your email address.

To make the best of your brief time with us, we prepared this WELCOME GUIDE that will help you make your stay at the University of Ljubljana a valuable study experience as well as an unforgettable time in your life.

You are also welcome to visit the website, where you can find useful information about studying at the University of Ljubljana, living in Ljubljana, and your arrival to Slovenia.

At the beginning of the academic year, the University of Ljubljana holds a traditional welcome ceremony for students called Pozdrav brucem (Freshmen Welcome). You can find more information at

We wish you all the best in your studies and hope that you will enjoy your time in Ljubljana.




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