Political Geography

Political Geography

Lectures: 45

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ECTS credit: 4

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Zupančič Jernej


INTRODUCTION. The development of geopolitical thoughts. Political geography and geopolitics in the system of (geographical) science and profession.
GEOGRAPHY OF STATES. The state as a object of political-geographical observation & research.The world political map. The formation and construction of the state. Ethnicity, nationality and statehood. Ethnic minorities. Morphological and functional analysis of state. Administrative division and spatial organization of state-territory. Special territories and particular political-territorial units. The core and the periphery.
GEOGRAPHY OF BORDER. The phenomenon, the nature and the sense of political borders. The formation of border and the border-changes. Theoretical constalation and practices of terrestical and maritime border-making. Border, border spaces and cross-border relations. Methods and techniques of border research. Borders of Slovenia and in a central Europe.
GEOGRAPHY OF POWER. The term of »power«. Owercomming the territory: administrative-juridical, economic, cultural, demographical etc. aspects. Political elites. Elections as elite-making. Election-systems and the electoral geography. National security and the military aspects of controlling-the-territory. The domination. Military and defense power of states.
GLOBALITY: globalization and international integrations. Geography of future. Political geography of the future.