Clinical-psychological Diagnostics

Clinical-psychological Diagnostics

Study Cycle: 2




ECTS credit:8

Lecturer(s): asist. Bračič Mark Floyd, asist. dr. Gosar David, asist. Jančar Polona, prof. dr. Žvelc Gregor


• History and fundamentals in clinical- psychological diagnostics. Methodological issues and problems of clinical-psychological diagnostics. Problems of research in clinical psychology.
• Diagnostical classifications.
• Theoretical approaches and clinical-psychological diagnostics. Developmental and relational theories of psychopathology (attachment theory in clinical practice, object relations theory, ego psychology, self psychology, intersubjective theory, relational psychoanalysis, interpersonal neurobiology). Tasks and features of psychodiagnostical exploration.
• Clinical-psychological interview. Observation and self-observation. Specifics of applying tests in clinical psychology. Projective techniques. Self-assesment techniques.
• Diagnostics of personality organisation (psychotic, borderline and neurotic personality organisation). Diagnostics of personality structures and personality disorders.
• Diagnostics of psychological trauma and dissociation. Assessment of emotions and interpersonal relationships. Assessment of psychotic disorders.
• Cognitive assessment in clinical psychology. Neuropsychological assessment. Specifics of psychological assessment of children and youth. Specifics of assessment of elderly. Clinical-psychological report.