Discourse Theory and Socio-linguistics

Discourse Theory and Socio-linguistics




ECTS credit:3

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Zwitter Vitez Ana


Problem of linguistic unit: phrase and text. Linguistic unit in fundamental occurrences of linguistic expression: writing and speech. Non-syntactical elements in production and perception of linguistic messages. Question of spontaneous language production. Time and symmetry in discourse. Prosody. Text and discourse: a problem of terminology.
Discourse as creating sense: subject production and its communicational roles in a language community. Ideological implications in discourse. Public speech, private speech.
Linguistic norms: prescription and/or detection of normality. Formation of linguistic norms: action and reaction by its users (explicit and implicit norm). Social functioning of linguistic norms. Establishing language politics.
Development of language status in French. Political, social and economic prestige of central speech. Establishing orthography. Media discourse.
Ethnopolitical dimensions of language: official language, state language, minority language, bilinguism. Dialect. Lingua franca and its expansion. Francophony and its status in European Union.
Erthnopolitical dimensions of discourse in French: terminology, urban idiolects, community identification. Centre and periphery speech. Language elitism and purism: question of tolerance and possible linguistic positions. Internet and research of universal language.