Counselling and Guidance in Adult Education

Counselling and Guidance in Adult Education

Study Cycle: 1

Lectures: 60

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Samaluk Barbara

1. Conceptual and systemic questions in of guidance and counselling in adult education (GCAE).
2. Theoretical foundations, definitions and development of GCAE.
3. Offer and demand in adult education; GCAE as a missing link.
4. Goals, purposes and functions of GCAE.

5. Appearance, organization and system regulation of GCAE:
- Informational and educational counselling services;
- Levels of educational counselling;
- Institutions, network;
- Law and administrative regulation;
- Financing;
- Staff and their education and training;
- Infrastructure.

6. Information system, data basis; means and methods of informing.
7. GCAE and local community.
8. Counselling and communication.
9. GCAE and personal development.
10. GCAE and development counselling work.

11. Methods and techniques of counselling work:
- process of diagnostics and diagnostic approaches;
- instruments and techniques: questionnaires, tests, inventories, observation techniques, measurement instruments;
- Informational techniques;
- Phases of counselling;
- Approaches to educational counselling;
- Methods of self-direction;
- Alternative counselling methods;
- Individual and group counselling;

13. Participation of adults in GCAE;
14. Types of counselling according to adult's barriers to learning;
15. Lifelong learning and education and GCAE;
16. National strategies of development of GCAE.