Current Migrations, Citizenship and Ethnic Minorities

Current Migrations, Citizenship and Ethnic Minorities

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 60

ECTS credit: 6

Lecturer(s): asist. Nared Dagmar, prof. dr. Čebron Lipovec Uršula

A critical review of past and contemporary anthropological theories, dealing with issues of citizenship, ethnic minorities and migration movements in Europe. Comparison of anthropological research with the approaches of other disciplines (sociology, political science, economics, psychology, geography, law, and social work). Comparative analysis of the different concepts (citizenship and citizens' rights, autonomy of migration, immigration vs. emigration, ethnic minorities, asylum and the right to asylum, political vs. economic migrant, etc.) in Slovenia and in different European countries. Presentation and analysis of anthropological research, dealing with ethnic minorities and modern migration trends in Slovenia. Preparation and evaluation of autonomous research work in the field of migration and ethnic minorities.

In the course of tutorial hours students will conduct independent research among ethnic minorities or/and migrant communities in Slovenia.