Socialisation in Adulthood

Socialisation in Adulthood

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ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Ličen Nives

Informal learning and socialization.
Socialization as lifelong process – selected theories.
Social and emotional competence.

The concept of change. Environment (social, cultural, virtual, biological) and the impact on socialization in adulthood. Adaptation and stress. Transitional learning.

Reciprocal influence and learning.
Learning and attitudes.

Factors of socialization in adulthood and later adulthood (family, work group, social movement – ecological, political, LGBT). Informal learning in groups.
New media and virtual spaces.
Migration and multiculturalism.

Social construction of meaning.
Symbols and learning. Biographical learning.

The concept of emotional intelligence, emotions and learning in adulthood.
Body changes, disciplining the body, attitude towards health, illness, food, sex.

Ageing. Death.