Admission requirements


To apply for the doctoral programme a student must first meet one of the following basic requirements:

  • completion of a second level degree programme
  • completion of a study programme in line with EU directives that is worth 300 credit points
  • completion of a four-year (or longer) degree from an appropriate academic field and evidence of successful research or academic work that could be assigned 60 credit points.

The following are also eligible to apply:

  • graduates of the current postgraduate specialist programme in conference interpreting
  • graduates of existing master's programmes with a value of 60 credit points
  • graduates of 4-year degree programmes established prior to the Bologna reforms from an appropriate academic field whose successful research or academic work could be assigned 60 credit points.

Language requirements: applicants must possess an active knowledge of English and one other foreign language.

Thus any student that has successfully completed a master's programme in any subject area drawn up accordance with Bologna guidelines and giving, along with undergraduate study, a total of 300 credit points may apply for the doctoral programme. The applicant's average grade should be 8 or more (or equivalent), unless he or she has achieved obvious success in research work either during or after study (for example, has received an award or other public recognition for research or academic work; or has published a well-received professional or academic paper in an appropriate journal).

Any student possessing a master's degree obtained before the implementation of Bologna reforms worth 120 credit points, with an active knowledge of English and one other foreign language is also eligible. Such applicants are credited with 60 points in either the first or second year of the doctoral programme, which means that they also have to pass two extra examinations (selected by the student in consultation with the supervisor and with the agreement of the head of the department), as well completing and defending their doctoral thesis.

Selection criteria

It is envisaged that there will be 15 places available each year for the doctoral programme in translation studies. If there are more applicants than places then the following selection criteria shall be applied:

  • average grade on the master's programme (20%)
  • grade for the master's dissertation or master's exam (20%)
  • publications and awards (20%)
  • interview with selection committee (20%)
  • preferred research subject (20%).