Graduate employment

Employability Questionnaire results in 2018 
(generations from 1 October 2013 – 1 November 2018)

Using annual online surveys the department follows up on two main aspects of students' employability, i.e., employability as a whole and identification of different fields in which our graduates find employment. 

38 out of 98 students (i.e., 39%) who graduated from the MA programme Translation at the University of Ljubljana in the period between 1 October 2013 and 1 November 2018 took part in the departmental online surveys. Overall data shows that only 18% of all our graduates are unable to find employment within six months of graduation.  Within 12 months of graduation, unemployment drops to 8% as shown in the charts below.

With the surveying process we also wish to maintain in which fields our graduates most typically find employment. They mostly find work in different companies (39%), 8% are employed in institutions and 29% are self-employed (see the chart below, 'Other' includes internships abroad, maternity leaves etc.). It is particularly encouraging that 70% of graduates who completed the survey do translation-related work.

6 months after graduation


Employability in November 2018


Type of Employment – Employability Trend


Employment by major industry sector (Percentage of graduates without self-employed)