Sustainability Strategy

The Sustainability Strategy of the MA Translation at the Department of Translation Studies, University of Ljubljana

The Department of Translation Studies annually amends its sustainability action plan for the program MA Translation on the basis of annual Sustainability Action Plans prepared by the Commission for Quality Control of the Faculty of Arts (, which functions along the lined defined by the Commission for Quality Control of the University of Ljubljana (see The departmental planning team (called The Commission for Quality Control of the Department of Translation) consisting of university teachers responsible for programs offered by the Department of Translation of the University of Ljubljana, critically examines bi-annual self-evaluations of the programs, annual departmental reports and student questionnaires. On the basis of these evaluations, the commission then annually reviews the program’s mission and purpose, and the results of the program’s sustainability assessment, taking into account in particular the changes in the translation market and the employability status of the graduates of MA Translation. The team also determines which program elements (including teaching methodology, translation tools, assessment) need to be maintained, eliminated or adapted. With an aim to foster partnership between staff and support innovation in teaching and learning, the planning team determines the priority areas of sustainability capacity which should be addressed first, and writes an action plan that is submitted to the planning team of the Faculty of Arts. This body then writes a Sustainability Action Plan for the entire Faculty of Arts which includes specific action steps.