German Grammar 2

Course convenor and instructor: Ada Gruntar Jermol

Objectives and competences

The students develop the following:
1. advanced competences in German and a contrastive approach to their foreign language and native language;
2. competences in language problem solving in their foreign language compared to their native language;
3. the ability to describe and theoretically analyse language principles in their foreign language and native language;
4. competences in the use of adequate language resources in their foreign language and native language;
5. the ability to identify the grammatical structure of German and a contrastive approach as the basis for practical translation;
6. the ability to analyse grammatical elements in a text in their foreign language and native language.

Content (Syllabus outline)

German grammar 2:
Students gain familiarity with the verb in more detail. The course focuses on the basic concepts connected with the verb, such as finite vs. infinite verbal forms, tense, voice, mood and aspect. Special emphasis will be placed on the relationship between structure, meaning, and function. Students compare grammatical categories in German and Slovenian, and they address how to translated selected grammatical elements into Slovenian. The lectures are complemented by grammar lab classes in which the students perform exercises to consolidate their knowledge of the structures dealt with.


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Enrollment in the first year of of the BA Translation Programme.
Previous enrollment in the German for Translators I course.



Forms of marking: 6–10 or A-E (passing grade) or 5 or F (failing grade). The assessment in line with the Statute of the University of Ljubljana and the faculty's examination rules.