Observation Practicum in Pedagogy

Observation Practicum in Pedagogy

Lectures: 0

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 15

ECTS credit: 2

Lecturer(s): asist. Košmerl Tadej, doc. dr. Jeznik Katja

The practicum is carried out under the supervision of a university teacher and a mentor at a partner school or other institution.
The university teacher coordinates the practicum, prepares the material and, together with the mentor at the school (or other institution) evaluates the success of the completed practicum. The pedagogical practicum (15 hours) need not be carried out in one block.

- In the process of preparation for observational practicum students are given guidelines on how to analyse pedagogical documentation and how to observe how moral education and discipline are carried out on the level of classroom and school community
- With mentors help students describe in detail one typical moral conflict and possible ways of solving it.
- Students prepare an analysis of observed process of conflict solving using course readings/literature and considering different ethical principles and formal procedures for disciplinary measures
- Acquire knowledge on special prevention measures for establishing discipline in the classroom and school and evaluate them with the mentors help
- Describe one case of teaching a subject content from a perspective of achieving moral and socialisation goals.
- Describe one proceedings of home class meeting and analyse its content and leading.