Selected Topics in Sociology of Adult Education

Selected Topics in Sociology of Adult Education

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 30

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Mikulec Borut, izr. prof. dr. Samaluk Barbara

Theoretical foundations of sociology of education: classic and contemporary theories of education (functionalism, utilitarianism, interactionism, Marxism, phenomenology, critical theory and education, gender theories in education, postmodernism and education, theory of reproduction).
Research traditions in sociology of education (positivism and empiricism, epistemological problems in research of education, research paradigms in education, trends in qualitative and quantitative research methods, action research, biographical research methods, measurement of social origin, feminist research methodology, analyses of critical discourse, assessment of educational needs, participatory research, educational policy analysis).
Social stratification, social mobility and education (inequality of educational opportunities; distinctions in educational results; education, occupation and earnings; knowledge, power and education).
Participants in education by gender, age, social and education origin, ethnicity and regional origin in education, motivation and expectations of participants, successfulness in education.
The significance of family in educational processes (family and measurement of school environment; family, school, social and cultural capital; education of parents; relationship parents-school; economic status of family).
The study thoroughly educational processes (sociological dealing of curriculum – hidden curriculum; concepts of knowledge and their impact on education; acquiring of values and skills; socialization).
Education policy and change (reforms of education; planning of education; the impact of education on social change; adult education for development; political socialization; conscientisation and mobilization of adults; education for democracy; social implication of introducing new technologies in education; globalization of education policy).
Specific topics of sociology of adult education (sociology of higher education; sociology of adult learning and teaching; changing the social and professional role of teacher; sociology of special education).