Educational leadership and management in schools

Educational leadership and management in schools

Lectures: 45

Seminars: 15

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Gregorčič Mrvar Petra

1. Management, school system, school
- Concept and particularities of school management.
- Occurrence and development of school management.
- Participative management model. Characteristics (inclusion of staff in creating school image; development of trust; team organization; professionalism and participation).
- Limitations and problems of participative management.

2. School culture
- Concepts of order, educational arrangement, school culture and climate.
- Characteristics and how to identify characteristics of school culture.
- Development of team culture at school.
- Pedagogue's (school counsellor's) interventions in changing an arrangement and creating individual image of a school.

3. Headmaster and school leadership
- Headmaster's position and tasks in the role of educational and administrative manager; headmaster in various school systems.
- Headmaster and school policy.
- Headmaster's power and competences.
- School leadership styles.
- Personal characteristics and virtues.
- Headmaster and teachers' motivation for cooperation.

4. School-based programming of work
- Organizational and political reasons of decentralization; what is school-based programming; characteristics of school-based programming; the concept of creative school and development culture.

5. School vision
- Concept of school vision; principles of school vision planning; operative structure and areas of school vision planning.

6. School development planning
- Definition, characteristics, differences and interconnection of the school vision and development planning.
- General nature, purposes and applicability of development plans.
- Analysis of development planning phases (estimation - audit, definition- redefinition, designing development plan and providing conditions (financing), implementation; monitoring, evaluation, reporting).

7. School counsellor and headmaster
- Factors influencing the position of a counsellor and headmaster's attitude towards counsellor.
- Principles of professionally correct cooperation between both of them in conceiving and guiding educational arrangement of school work.