Planning of Modal Education and Discipline Practices

Planning of Modal Education and Discipline Practices

Lectures: 20

Seminars: 10

Tutorials: 30

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Jeznik Katja, prof. dr. Kroflič Robert

- School as a state ideological apparatus and »hidden curriculum«.
- Potential ideological factors in school: instructions content, methods of instructions, teacher, class and school community, culture of the school, wider state factors.
- System measures for reducing ideological preassures on public schools (the right to organize private schools, laicity and authonomy of publis schools).
- Ethical and professional responsibility of a teacher to reduce ideological preassures.
- Duality in contemporary pubilc school – educational and character developmental dimmension.
- Legal and pedagogical dimmension of the request for planning of moral and character education in public schools.
- Minimal and maximal demands of moral education (between preventive discipline and responsible synthesis of education and character development).
- Models of school socialization: direct, indirect and combined model.
- Moral aducation between ethical and legal demands.
- Respect toward general human and children psychological rights.
- Theoretic analysis od contemporary rducational and discipline approaches.