Oddelek za prevajalstvo

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ūüóďÔłŹ Mark your calendars for April 29-30! RWS invites students, graduates, and lecturers to this free two-day event designed to explore the fascinating world of localization.

What to Expect:

¬∑       Human and AI collaboration, and how we're shaping Genuine Intelligence

¬∑       New tools and trends in localization technology and career opportunities

¬∑       Roles and skills: learn about the diverse roles and skills of localization professionals

¬∑       Teaching technologies: explore our CAT tool, Trados Studio, and Trados cloud technology for teaching.

Whether you're a student charting your career path, a lecturer seeking inspiration, or simply curious about AI and language evolution, RWS Campus Online promises enriching sessions to inspire and inform.

ūüďĚ Register for free: RWS Campus Online 2024

ūüĆé RWS Campus is our partnership with universities worldwide to nurture localization talent. Inspiring great futures through training, internships, and cutting-edge technology. 


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Oddelek za prevajalstvo

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