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Multilingualism Day 2022

After two years of online events and visitors being reduced to pixels on computer screens, Multilingualism Day 2022 will be taking place at the European Parliament in Brussels again on 24th September. Several DG TRAD units are preparing open workshops with the public.

We are also holding a student competition on the topic "What does multilingualism mean to you?"

We invite to spread the word about the event and the translation competition among your contacts!


We invite students of interpretation, translation, applied languages or who just love languages to express what multilingualism means to them in a creative and original way. They can submit a video, audio, short text or poem, or a photo or photo collage.

The submission should be in one of the 24 official EU languages and accompanied by a translation of the work into either English, French or German. The first prize is a study trip to Luxembourg to experience the world of translation at the European Parliament. The second and third prizes are subscriptions to the Babbel language-learning app.

Feel free to use our posts from our social media channels!

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